At Kokoo we
honour the journey
of our chocolate

from it's origins  ...  to your tastebuds

All of our products are crafted by our favourite chocolatiers, created from ethically sourced, natural ingredients, and made with love

Vegan truffles & Truffle Stones

Our handmade vegan truffles are made with raw Peruvian cacao, cold-pressed coconut oil, coconut cream and agave nectar... We add a little cayenne chilli, cinnamon, decicated coconut, acai berries and raw hazlenuts for the different flavours, and use cacao harvested and processed with care by small farmer co-operatives, so it all feels and tastes as good as it looks

We also have an array of truffle stones with decadent fillings from dark and milk chocolate, to passion fruit and pineapple

...HANDCRAFTED EGGS, Chocolate lollipops,  COATED COCOA BEANS & more...

For centuries chocolate was made for ceremonial and medicinal purposes... At Kokoo we want to bring back some of that sacredness... To celebrate what was once used in offerings to gods and royalty